Thursday, February 23, 2006

Dance-A-Thon 2005

My rxn to the 2/22 article stating that WYPR (the Baltimore NPR station) had received permission to "push aside" WMUC. The report is still unconfirmed.

Yes, that is a Free Winona rocking out to some MUC jams on her portable radio (thanks to Hall & Oates). I suspect that, next year, everyone will have one buried in their closet between their D-plan shirt and ten other shirts that don't exactly fit and aren't really cool enough to wear anymore but never get thrown away. How cool would a t-shirt be?

Less cool now that I said it, damn.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

the dark lord lament

According to the Baltimore Sun today, WYPR is going to "push aside" WMUC-- as in, off the air. Public radio, in theory, is a benevolent force of good. In practice, WYPR has been terrorizing MUC for years to get off their frequency. "WMUC is the oldest college radio station in the United States", according to our Wiki. There are no other college stations in the area that broadcast on the air. Thanks, WYPR, for your victories efforts in the ongoing battle to remove choices from the airwaves. Once again, we must turn to the internet for cultural salvation. I find this both horrifying and prescient:

Growing pains - says
"WYPR, with headquarters on Baltimore's North Charles Street, also is planning to transmit to the Washington suburbs. The station has gotten permission from the Federal Communications Commission to push aside a low-wattage student station at the University of Maryland, College Park that already occupies WYPR's signal on 88.1 FM. (Brandon and Bienstock both said they would help the college station move its signal to the Internet.)

Still, becoming Maryland's pre-eminent public-radio voice may be difficult. 'It's a lofty and noble goal,' said Sue Kopen Katcef, an instructor at the University of Maryland's Philip Merrill College of Journalism, 'but I don't know how you're going to grow that younger 18-plus audience, the audience you need, when it isn't listening to radio, whether it's commercial or public.'"

"lofty and noble" my ass.

UpdateI remember WYPR trying to do this a few years ago. No word on whether the Baltimore Sun has properly fact-checked.

back cab

In the spirit of my "best of 2005" list of shows, I have a new list this week.

the best shows I've been to this week (and year)

06/02/18 Electric Six @ Black Cat
I did my homework for this one. I listened to their new cd (Senor Smoke) in the car for the two days before the show so I could get as excited about their new stuff as perennial hits like "Naked Pictures of Your Mother" and "Synthesizer". It worked. While Tyler (singer) didn't take off his pants during the show this time, he did give me lots of beer. In brief moment of quiet during their set, this extremely drunk girl grabbed my arm, looked deeply into my eyes and asked, "Isn't this the best band ever?" Yes, and they put on a fantastic show. Dance epidemic tonight!

Oh, and this band She Wants Revenge played. They sound like Interpol. I had a bad experience with Interpol once.

06/02/21 Be Your Own Pet @ Black Cat backstage

I've been playing Damn Damn Leash on The Wanton Machine for a few months so I thought I'd check it out. These kids are in highschool, but more importantly, their songs are short and fast and loud and rocking. The lead singer dances like she's posessed by rock'n'roll demons, and she tosses her hair around in this completely mesmerizing way. They put on an amazing show. I bought a 7" and I don't even have a record player. They're sort of high-energy Yeah Yeah Yeahs-ish. I don't know if that's quite right... Did I mention that they are underage? I'm gonna go out on a limb here and predict that they are gonna be huge.

check them out @ be your own PET wants to....... their music videos are cute.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

8 arms to kill you

vote for your favorite!

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we were not meant to be
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Saturday, February 11, 2006

10 x infinity

I know it is a lot late for a favorites of 2005 list, but while I was setting up my playlist this past Thursday, it became evident that one was already in the making.

What: Top Shows (yes, live music) of 2005

How: I chose which made the cut by the following equation

(how much fun I had) x (quality of music + performance awesomeness) / [number of drinks consumed - (1/2 x number of annoying people present)] - .12cost

I also had to review my handy iCal calendar, 'cause I'm sure I've totally forgotten a few. Some shows, like Scout Niblett 4/14/05 at the Black Cat backstage, should have made the cut due to the awesomeness of the music, but I was in a lousy mood. tough luck. I also don't feel the need to list every show I saw. I saw a lot.

11. Unrest 2/24/05 Teenbeat reunion Black Cat
10. Holly Golightly 8/12/05 Ottobar
9. Zombi 8/28/05 Ottobar
8. Dungen 9/28/05 Black Cat
7. Dressy Bessy 7/14/05 Black Cat backstage
6. Fake Accents 6/23/05 at Fort Reno
5. The Organ 4/30/05 at the Velvet Lounge.
4. The Smittens 8/17/05 at the Velvet lounge
3. Aqueduct 5/22/05 at the Black Cat
2. Guitar Wolf 2/26/05 Ottobar
1. Electric Six 9/29/05 at the Black Cat.

man, that was hard. Updated 2/14/06

Playlists | WMUC Radio

Friday, February 10, 2006

keep sending me black fireworks

Exciting news!
-The wanton machine [website] is humming along again.
-The wanton machine [radio show] has been picked up for a zillionth season. listen for me Thursdays from 2pm-4pm or check out the show archives and download me.
-I remembered that I have a digital camera. expect pictures.

Other news (less exciting, sigh):
-the thesis is on.
-i spent half an hour reading a pdf and finally learned to operate some station equipment.
-Video Americain!

Old, tired news:
-Keep making naked-tv-headed-ladies-riding dinosaurs for me. it makes me happy.

yes! you love me

Just in 1/2/06 but the blogger publisher is failing me...

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just a quote from Kirby, the artist of this entry...

"I had some doubts about this picture, as the dame in the picture is not technically naked - but some things you just gotta wear boots with."


who's been sleeping here?

NEW 11/20/05
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-- from Chris (awesome) at the webcomic, Upwardly Nubile

This is my favorite project ever...

and if I can stop playing Warcraft for a few minutes, I'll make something new.