Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Thing 1: I have never needed a bookmark. The world is full of potential material with which I can keep my page. Scraps of paper, gum wrappers, unsolicited credit card offers, unused tissues, corners of pillowcases (which only work for bathroom breaks), free postcards, parking tickets, the front-flap of the jacket-- all of these suffice. I used to have a collection of actual bookmarks, but I ended up using whatever was on hand. My dad thinks you can never have too many and there is a bookstore in Boulder that gives them out with every purchase. I feel sentimental about the homemade kind that kids and kids-on-the-inside make.

Cats are terrible bookmarks.

Thing 2: I am reminded again of a book that I don't know the name of-- it is an illustrated children's book. A childless couple makes a deal with the owl-woman (or a witch or elder) to get a baby girl. They must keep a feather over her bed, which they do faithfully until baby girl starts growing her very own baby girl wings. They freak and toss the feather and bind her wings and everything kinda goes downhill for them. Other than that, I remember something being moss-green and there being pretty pictures. A character's name was Gwynn or Gwinn or Gwen. I think there is some curse-undoing as well in it. I found the title once but lost it.