Monday, May 22, 2006

i wanna love you in my room.

I went to NYC. I stayed with the nicest semi-stranger ever, Dan Fishback. I got to meet my favorite tattooed blogger from Needled, and I got a tattoo. About four hours into getting it, I fell a little bit in love with my artist. While my dreams of eventually marrying my tattoo artist (who doesn't?) may be dashed (he's already married), I think we have a date for next year.
brian tattooing me

Thursday, May 11, 2006

change is now

Recent movies I've seen (since Saturday??)

Cittadino si ribella, Il (1974) -- Street Law is new Blue Underground release. I watched it with CPR last night. trailer
Domino (2005) -- in Metcalf's post-narrative, post-Hong Kong, post-something else class
Blood and Roses (1960) -- Vadim (Barbarella) directed, but remarkably staid female vampire flick. There were some awesome surreal dream bits. Great.
My name is Nobody (1973) -- I was all set to love Terrence Hill, but he was way too goofy for me. The movie was still pretty great.
Quiet Days in Clichy (1970) -- This movie is pretty explicit. Soundtrack by Country Joe carries it. trailer
Girlfight (2000) -- with Emily on Sunday. In partial honor of Rodrieguez getting all shot on Lost.
The Killing (1956) -- I missed most of this due to business at the store.
Thunder Road (1958) -- Mitchum's son also stars in this. (I missed most of this one, too.)
Blue Planet Deep Sea/Open Ocean doc -- dude totally tried to rent it from under me.
Tristan & Isolde(2005) -- Seriously, I didn't choose this one. JD did.
Faust (1926) -- Saw with OP to close our Witches & the Devil themed day.
Viy (1967) -- for like, the 3rd or fourth time.