Saturday, February 11, 2006

10 x infinity

I know it is a lot late for a favorites of 2005 list, but while I was setting up my playlist this past Thursday, it became evident that one was already in the making.

What: Top Shows (yes, live music) of 2005

How: I chose which made the cut by the following equation

(how much fun I had) x (quality of music + performance awesomeness) / [number of drinks consumed - (1/2 x number of annoying people present)] - .12cost

I also had to review my handy iCal calendar, 'cause I'm sure I've totally forgotten a few. Some shows, like Scout Niblett 4/14/05 at the Black Cat backstage, should have made the cut due to the awesomeness of the music, but I was in a lousy mood. tough luck. I also don't feel the need to list every show I saw. I saw a lot.

11. Unrest 2/24/05 Teenbeat reunion Black Cat
10. Holly Golightly 8/12/05 Ottobar
9. Zombi 8/28/05 Ottobar
8. Dungen 9/28/05 Black Cat
7. Dressy Bessy 7/14/05 Black Cat backstage
6. Fake Accents 6/23/05 at Fort Reno
5. The Organ 4/30/05 at the Velvet Lounge.
4. The Smittens 8/17/05 at the Velvet lounge
3. Aqueduct 5/22/05 at the Black Cat
2. Guitar Wolf 2/26/05 Ottobar
1. Electric Six 9/29/05 at the Black Cat.

man, that was hard. Updated 2/14/06

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