Wednesday, February 22, 2006

back cab

In the spirit of my "best of 2005" list of shows, I have a new list this week.

the best shows I've been to this week (and year)

06/02/18 Electric Six @ Black Cat
I did my homework for this one. I listened to their new cd (Senor Smoke) in the car for the two days before the show so I could get as excited about their new stuff as perennial hits like "Naked Pictures of Your Mother" and "Synthesizer". It worked. While Tyler (singer) didn't take off his pants during the show this time, he did give me lots of beer. In brief moment of quiet during their set, this extremely drunk girl grabbed my arm, looked deeply into my eyes and asked, "Isn't this the best band ever?" Yes, and they put on a fantastic show. Dance epidemic tonight!

Oh, and this band She Wants Revenge played. They sound like Interpol. I had a bad experience with Interpol once.

06/02/21 Be Your Own Pet @ Black Cat backstage

I've been playing Damn Damn Leash on The Wanton Machine for a few months so I thought I'd check it out. These kids are in highschool, but more importantly, their songs are short and fast and loud and rocking. The lead singer dances like she's posessed by rock'n'roll demons, and she tosses her hair around in this completely mesmerizing way. They put on an amazing show. I bought a 7" and I don't even have a record player. They're sort of high-energy Yeah Yeah Yeahs-ish. I don't know if that's quite right... Did I mention that they are underage? I'm gonna go out on a limb here and predict that they are gonna be huge.

check them out @ be your own PET wants to....... their music videos are cute.


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