Friday, April 21, 2006

be gentle with me

The Wanton Machine
I want to go to this: NYC Tattoo Convention.

... Fun Shows of the Past Week and a Half
Art Brut 4/9
Georgie James 4/15
Gris Gris 4/17
Fake Accents/Kiss Me Deadly 4/19

... Plans for Next Week
thesis presentation 4/27

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

i am not surprised

The Looks Authority EP
Originally uploaded by the wanton machine.
Overview of projects on the back burner: IfWhen The Looks Authority finally releases an EP, this will be the cover.
Band MembersSongs on Album
Emily Brecht
Stephanie Schmitz
Jon Gold
1. you can kill a fish with a stone
2. lighter theory (aesthetic prerogative version)
3. the sounds of people hating each other (album version)
4. nothing is real
5. the sounds of people hating each other (dance remix)

Friday, April 14, 2006

future is in the future

on my wall--best game ever

This one is by MB and I from about a year ago... maybe longer. It is a product of the paper-folding picture-drawing game. One person draws a part, then folds it over and only the very edge of the previous drawing is visible. Forgive me if this is an unnecessary explanation. You can probably tell that the best bits not mine. This is my vision for how all of my collaborative projects should play out. We made a monster.