Friday, March 10, 2006

Hinge, Door, et cetera

The Portable Folk Band stopped by The Wanton Machine yesterday for some hanging out and playing of albums. What could have been a disastrous invitiation to bring some music to guest-dj with turned out really well. They brought good stuff from Philly to play as well as a clean version of their own album.

The radio show can be downloaded here. This download will be available until 3/15. If you want to skip the part sans-Portable Folk Band, fast forward through the first hour.

Note-- I have seen their ambulance. It is everything they say and more. Mark was wearing a hand drawn I <3 Linux shirt. I find this endearingly awesome.

On a different note, I had the best beer last night. I even looked it up in The Oxford Bottled Beer Database. Fortunately, it is too expensive for regular consumption.

A thesis-blog has been established: AMST @ UMD Project. Research and notes and results OH MY! Look for this to come about in the next couple of days.


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