Wednesday, October 26, 2005

night lover/ day hunter.

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-- drywall (pervert awesome)

Also, SC has created, for your consideration...

micro fable of the tv headed woman

at the bottom of the sea, her head flickered with snow
and worn out porno tapes. arcane geometric forms made
possible by the precise positionings of two bodies.
faces devoid of any expression acting through
schematic rituals of sex. the translucent ocean and
her transparent face. the empty existence she wished
to leave behind. what she would give to traverse the
skies gliding gently on the back of a
find the forms projected in her skull in the endless
landscapes scrolling beneath finally find
love by sight and not sensation. trapped as she was
in the warm caress of the triassic sea, her mind still
reeled with cold and alien images.

thanks guys.


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