Wednesday, December 17, 2008

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Wrote some nonsense after nearly finishing The Gum Thief by Doug Coupland in a night. Like nearly everything I write down with an actual pen, I felt compelled to commit the words to paper in the middle of the night in the dark. Scrawly writing all around, hanging onto a page right next to one with the beginning of a recollected dream from a month ago ("crazy lady in my dream describing her dream:'worms were set on thunderbolts!' in a race around the Washington Monument..."). Keeping a journal should be a privilege not easily earned. I'll continue to abuse it.
Excerpt of the very very end:
...What I like best is when books tell me secrets about myself. [I think] that is why I almost exclusively read fiction.

I'm really into Goodreads right now. I never feel completely satisfied with my reviews. Here is one I wrote yesterday that is all about me.

Old Man's War Old Man's War by John Scalzi

My review

rating: 4 of 5 stars
All of the praise heaped on Scalzi after he wrote this book is well deserved. Rather than echoing a bunch of lovely glowing reviews, I'll keep this short and personal: My aversion to intergalactic-space-war science fiction has been overcome. Despite a title containing three of the least appealing words that could ever appear together, Old Man's War was totally fun and engaging. Highly recommended if you like smart sci-fi.

plus! plus! plus! My life's ambition, as far as feeling like I've adequately lived in the future, is to experience photosynthesis. I try to mention it to all the scientists I meet who work in the appropriate fields of genetics, chemical engineering, biology, etc. When they just look at me funny, I add, "try to get on that," or something to that nature. Sci-fi has long been a herald of/inspiration for actual scientific advancements, which is why I am so psyched to finally have someone on my side. Chlorophyll-laced skin is one of the many changes made to the engineered humans in this book. Thank you, John Scalzi. Score one towards turning us into little green men.

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