Monday, October 15, 2007

see saw

Days away: 18
Miles travelled: over 1,800 (we didn't really count)
Nights spent in motels: 3
Number of coats purchased due to unexpectedly cold weather: 1
Number of coats purchased due to coolness of coat: 1
Fruit illegally transported outside California: one plum
Hospital visits: again, just one
Undeclared purchases taken from Canada-->US: 1/2 bottle of Gatorade
Hours explaining that prescription drugs are not all, by nature, "narcotics" and declaring the Gatorade to US border official: .75
Days here since: 23

I'm not sure how I feel about being back. I am compensating with new obsessions: Flight of the Conchords, going to the movie theater, making cupcakes. Because the internets are best for sharing one's unilateral world view, Sarah and I compiled our slide shows separately from the same 788 digital photos and uploaded them to respective sites. My flickr set: 67 photos. Sarah's set: 139 photos. Her set includes lovely pics such as the one below (right) of the Retarded Children (for make benefit) Thrift Store in Ventura. I chose a few more pictures of Sarah including this one below (left) of Sarah in the redwood forest.
West Coast 2007

I'm still working on the video aspect of the trip. stay tuned.


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