Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm not saying

I found this story in a notebook today while I was trying to find a place to write a list:

There once was a little girl with hair the color of beech tree branches. She lived in a town where people spent a lot of time driving their cars, and when they weren't doing that, they were watching other people drive their cars. The little girl tried to do this, but she was too young to drive and when she looked in the windows of passing cars, no one ever looked back. She felt very alone. One day, as she sat beside the road, she met a strange creature. What are you? she asked as he slowly hopped along. I'm looking for water, he said and continued to hop. Are you a fish? No, he replied and hopped further. The little girl followed and each hop took both of them further away from the road. Are you sure you aren't a fish? she asked again, just to be sure. I know what I am, he said and stopped. Why are you following me?

I probably wrote it in the middle of the night a year or two ago. I changed one thing. The story I found ended with him asking "Who are you?" which was just lame. It doesn't end very well either way-- I should probably have left it in the notebook.

I wrote a List of Things on the next page:

- travel
- time outdoors
- people I care about
- documentation
- outlets
- fitness
- rest
- tattoos
- languages
- [and so it continues]

I have deemed it a List of Things That I Want More [of].


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