Sunday, July 15, 2007


This is my new favorite TED video:

I would give my eyeteeth to go to the 2008 conference. I wonder how much eyeteeth go for these days.

Addendum: I never use that expression and only wrote "eyeteeth" after careful consideration of which expendable body part I'd be willing to lose for such an opportunity. Once I typed it, the word sat there on the screen, begging to be googled. Two clicks later, I found myself at (author of "Eyeteeth") Paul Schmelzer's "Signifier, signed..." art project/blog:
"...I began asking artists, writers and political figures to sign my autograph, either in person or through letters. A simple enough premise, my intention was to both critique celebrity (what does it mean that Yoko Ono signed the name of a complete unknown? And is there any value to that signature?) and celebrate those who have shaped my beliefs, by either their positive or negative examples..."

Conceptually, I love it. I think I'll ask him for a contribution to the naked, tv-headed lady riding a dinosaur project.


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