Thursday, August 17, 2006


gabe's room
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I have no windows right this second.
This is all part of the plan.

There is something about summer that makes me wish that it were wintertime. I can't quite put my foot on it. I have been distracting myself with the following tv shows:
Daily Show
Colbert Report
Battlestar Galactica
Project Runway
Iron Chef
The 4400*
and Grey's Anatomy**

* not really interesting anymore
** totally depressing now. I actually just watched both of these in the store. I am a house of lies. I TiVo these.

The upside to the new windows is that they will be significantly more energy efficient than the previous ones (single pane!). A sticker on the ones waiting to be installed assure me that they are "ClimaGuard Low-E Glass". I think I can safely conclude that the "E" stands for "energy".


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